Registered Nurse (Child Health)

In 2012, Amelia Cahill was working as a registered nurse in at the Broome Regional Aboriginal and Medical Service. Amelia undertook university studies in Brisbane.

Page last updated: 16 December 2013

Video transcript

"When I finished school, I worked as an Aboriginal health worker and I worked alongside some good nurses who encouraged me to go and do my nursing. So I went to uni in Brisbane and studied for three years and then I became a nurse.

My name is Amelia Cahill, I’m a registered nurse and I work in the child health program at the Broome Regional Aboriginal and Medical Service.

The biggest problems for our kids here are problems that occur from overcrowding and the things such as ear infections, skin infections and we also have some issues with poor diet.

With my job we basically make sure that our kids are growing up healthy and strong. I make sure that they are up to date with their immunisations, making sure they are getting their regular health checks, and doing the yearly Indigenous health checks.

I’ve worked alongside a lot of families that are struggling and I like working with the kids, and I like working with the mothers to help them achieve the best health they can for their kids.

If you want to work in Indigenous health you have to be passionate about it, and you have to be patient at times, and you have to be caring. We need more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health professionals because we’re the ones who know the community and we know how our community works, and we know the issues that everyone faces out there."

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