Physiotherapist trainee

In 2011, Christopher Webster was working as physiotherapist in training in Sydney. Christopher was studying at the University of Sydney where an Aboriginal Centre assists Indigenous students with their studies.

Page last updated: 16 December 2013

Video transcript

"When I was younger one year, I was watching the cricket on the TV with my dad. One of the cricket players got injured. The physio came on the field and did some treatments for him, did some manipulations, and he was fit to play for the rest of the game.
Ever since then, and all throughout primary school and high school, I’ve wanted to be a physio, and I’ve stuck with it and now I’m here at uni.
My name is Christopher Webster, I’m a physiotherapist in training, and I work in Sydney.
Here at the University of Sydney, there’s an Aboriginal Centre. They help out not just myself but every Indigenous student here. If we’re struggling with some material they are more than happy to organise some extra tutorials. And also with the finance side of things, they are very helpful and if we do need some assistance, they are always there to help out in any way they can.
I have a scholarship currently and I also have a traineeship where I’m being paid to study at the university.
I work with people who have sporting injuries up to people who are severely disabled.
My family and friends in the community, they love the idea that I’m a physio and they can see that I can make a change to people’s lives. Recently in my last placement, I was working with a child who was five years old. He used to be able to walk when he was three or four but as he got older, he developed a behaviour called bottom crawling/bottom scooting. And that was how he got around from place to place in his house and in his classroom. I worked with him for two or three weeks, and in the second session that I worked with him, he was able to walk by himself unassisted and that was really significant for me. Just to see an improvement in a person’s life, well I think that’s very rewarding."

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