Medical Student

In 2012, Jannali Blow was studying Medicine at Melbourne University with the assistance of a scholarship.

Page last updated: 08 December 2013

Video transcript

"Back in 2008, my older brother passed away suddenly, and he was very healthy, very active, played footy and basketball and it kind of came out of nowhere. That was the point where it hit me, and I thought you can’t take your life for granted. If you want to do something, you’ve got to do it now.

My name is Jannali Blow, I’m studying Medicine at Melbourne University. I wanted to do Medicine straight out of school, but I didn’t get in straight away. So I studied a science degree and I applied for Postgraduate Medicine and, while I’m studying, I’m living on campus at Melbourne University.

I get a scholarship that helps pay for my books and other living expenses, and the government helps to pay for the college that I live at. There’s more and more Kooris coming into Uni each year, which is really good to see. We meet up once a week and have lunch, so it’s really good to have that Indigenous community, as well as all my non-Indigenous friends as well. A lot of people see Indigenous communities as statistics of death and risk factors rather, than seeing the people. I think it’s really important to have Indigenous doctors out in Indigenous communities.

I’ve really appreciated having Indigenous role models in my life because it just gave me someone to look up to, and let me look past all those negative stereotypes. I’m mainly just really proud to be Indigenous."

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