In 2012, Jessica was working as a Clinical Pharmacist at Wyong and Gosford Hospitals. Jessica studied at the University of Newcastle with assistance from the Indigenous support group.

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Video transcript

"When I was younger I had a skin condition, and I was very self-conscious about that and I was really lucky to have a lovely pharmacist that really helped me through the ways to treat it and make me feel better about myself, so just really good dealing with them and it made me like the profession.

My name’s Jessica Hagan, I’m a Pharmacist. I’m a Clinical Pharmacist at Wyong and Gosford Hospitals.

I look after all of the medicines for the patients on a ward, so that means reviewing the medications and talking to the patients about anything that might be new or changed for them. We often have to make special preparations, we can make creams and ointments and lots of different things. It’s just like cooking. I love cooking and I feel half the time that my job’s just like following a recipe.

I did a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at the University of Newcastle and then that led me into the Master of Pharmacy. So I’ve done two degrees.

I grew up in a really small little rural village, I guess, called Yarramalong. It was a big scare for me to go to university in the first place. My first day at Uni, I was greeted by the Indigenous group at the University of Newcastle, and they were fantastic. They just support you the whole way. Any concerns you have you can always go to them and talk to them. I fitted in really well, made lots of friends and it was a really good experience. It’s a really growing experience, you learn so much, not even just about your degree specifically that you’re doing, but about yourself and where you’re going.

I was also lucky enough to get a scholarship which allowed me to make sure that I didn’t have to work at the same time that I was studying.

I’d love to see more young Indigenous students getting into health and getting out there and helping our people. Sometimes people just don’t think they’re smart enough and it’s just not true at all. You have to put in some hard work but you have to believe in yourself as well."

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