Occupational Therapist

In 2012, Jessica was studying to become an Occupational Therapist at University in Sydney. Jessica has been assisted by the Puggy Hunter Memorial scholarship and a sports scholarship for volleyball.

Page last updated: 09 December 2013

Video transcript

"Well in the beginning I didn’t know Occupational Therapy actually existed, but I always wanted to work in health. I wanted to work in rehab. I wanted to be able to help people. I’m Jessica Reardon. I’m an Occupation Therapy student in Sydney. What happened was I went to open days at Uni. I researched. I found an Occupational Therapy stall, so I went up and spoke to them, and they explained it, and it was basically what I wanted to do.

An Occupational Therapist works with people with disabilities and injuries to help them with their daily activities. You can work with kids, you can work with adults, aged care, teenagers, so all ages.

So I’m currently on two scholarships. The first one is the Puggy Hunter Memorial scholarship which is a financial scholarship. I’m also on a sports scholarship for volleyball. There is a lot of help and support out there for people so I’ve taken up on that as well.

The Indigenous support group has helped me over the past two years. So they supply tutoring groups when you need help with your work, they’ll supply equipment for you and text books for you. It’s just been fantastic.

When I graduate, my goal at the moment is to be able to work with children. I’d like to work with children that have been in severe accidents, which I know sounds sad. I just think it would be a fantastic thing to do.

Well I have a disabled brother and because I’ve grown up in that environment and being around him it’s always made me want to be able to help people, and especially children.

Working in health is a good thing. I love it. They always need people in health. You can work anywhere; you can work all around the world. You can work with all different ages, and it’s just feels really good to know that you’ve helped someone at the end of the day.

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