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In 2012, Jose was working as a Health Care Worker specialising in sexual health. Jose studied a Certificate III at Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander College for Health Education and Training (QATSICHET).

Page last updated: 08 December 2013

Video transcript

"I want to see Indigenous people looking after their health. Just to go in there and get a checkup when they need to and just look after themselves a little bit more.

My name is Jose Nuevo, I’m a Sexual Health Care Worker. I work at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane. I’ll do a lot of health promotion in my job. I’ll be screening the youth, talk to them about different STIs - Sexually Transmitted Infections. We’ve got a whole Sexual Health Care Worker system in Brisbane that we all work together. There’s a lot of people that have been in the job a lot longer than I have. I can go ask for other people to help me out if I’m doing a promotion, or if I’m screening, they’ll help me. So we support each other. I did my Certificate III at QATSICHET. It’s an education institution for just Indigenous people for health, and I’m doing my Cert. IV now. The Certificate IV gives me a lot more education, learning, not just sexual, mental health, work environments, communication.

Just getting people to actually talk about sexual health is very hard. You have to have an open mind, you know, and you’ve got to be able to adapt to them and not judge them. And try and get them to understand why to screen, and get them to do a screen, and it’s rewarding.

Another good thing in my job is that I get to travel. There’s a great career path in health for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Not only the money, but also, they get to help their people in the community out. There’s heaps of opportunities out there."

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