Renal Health Worker

In 2012, Keesha is a Renal Health Worker at the Primary Healthcare Centre on Thursday Island. Keesha started as Health Worker trainee and has Certificate IV in Clinical Practice.

Page last updated: 16 December 2013

Video transcript

"When I first started working in health, I worked in admin, then the opportunity came up for a Health Worker trainee. I just worked my way up, now I’ve got my Certificate IV in Clinical Practice, and still working my way up.
My name is Keesha Yamashita, I’m a Renal Health Worker at the Primary Healthcare Centre on Thursday Island. My goal is to get in and do Nursing, preferably in Renal. Most of my patients have chronic disease, such as diabetes or the chronic kidney failure. So we try to keep on top of them and have them come in for blood checks and stuff.
The blood just shows us how well the kidney is functioning. There are five stages in chronic kidney disease, stage four and five being the end stages. Our job is to keep them above stage four because once they get into the stage four and five, they end up on dialysis, which means that they’ll eventually leave the community.
I get to do not only just clinical stuff, but I do get to go out in the community as well, do awareness and preventative stuff and education. It’s a great job and I love my job. I can’t explain the feeling, but it’s just a great feeling that comes over you that you’re helping someone with an illness."

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