Hearing Health Coordinator

In 2012, Markeeta was working as a Hearing Health Coordinator at Wobbigal Aboriginal Medical Service. Markeeta studied a Certificate IV in Audiometric assessment via distance education.

Page last updated: 16 December 2013

Video transcript

"I suffered with terrible ear infections I remember growing up crying night after night. That probably did have a big influence on where I am today. My name’s Markeeta Marr, I’m the Hearing Health Worker here at Wobbigal Aboriginal Medical Service.

Middle ear disease is probably one of the biggest things that affects our young children. And of course if the kids can’t hear, they can’t learn. So it does have huge impacts on absolutely everything.

First I look in his ears making sure that there’s no infection, and then we do the audio testing with the audiometer. Put some headphones on your ears, we’re looking for the softest levels you can hear. And then we do tympanometry, which is seeing how well your ear drum moves.

It’s quite intimate looking in the children’s ears. You’re getting really close to them, even adults, and if they don’t know you, it’s just not going to work. You need to be able to have a yarn with the mothers and fathers and carers, and accept the big extended families that our mob have.

I started as the receptionist and then I stumbled across a Certificate IV in Audiometric assessment. So I’m doing that through distance correspondence while I’m working.

Well my passions always been hearing, I suppose because I had hearing problems throughout my life. I eventually want to go back to Uni and finish my medical degree.

Not one person in my family has gone to Uni, none of them have even finished school. You know you don’t need to be from an educated family to go on and do further study, because I wasn’t. And if I can get into medicine, there is hope for anyone."

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